pH, ORP & Ion Selective Sensor Hookup Schematics
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Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)
Q7M/Q7F Quick Disconnect Snap Connector pH/ORP sensors with integral preamplifiers 3TX with Preamp 2TX with Preamp 4TX with Preamp
3TX without Preamp 2TX without Preamp 4TX without Preamp
3TX with External Preamp    
Uniloc / Rosemount Analytical Liquid Division / Emerson Process Management (EPM)
Modern Transmitters
(4-Wire Line Power)
Modern Transmitters
(2-wire Loop Power)
Legacy Transmitters Legacy Transmitters

1056 / 1057 / 56 with Preamp

1066 With Preamp 1181 2081 (FM Approved)

1056 / 1057 / 56 No Preamp

1066 No Preamp 54epH / 3081 / 4081 (with Preamp) 2081 (Non-FM Approved)
1056, 1057, 56 with External Preamp 5081 with Preamp 54 (No Preamp 1003
  5081 No Preamp XMT (with Preamp) 1050
  6081 With Preamp XMT (No Preamp) 1054
  6081 No Preamp 1055 (with Preamp) 1054A
Q7M/Q7F Quick Disconnect Snap Connector pH/ORP sensors with integral preamplifiers 1055 (No Preamp) 1054B
Leeds & Northrup (L&N) / Honeywell
UDA2182 with Preamp 7082 (Durafet) 7075 7084
9072 (Honeywell) 7082 (No Durafet) 7079  
Great Lakes Instruments (GLI) / HACH
Q7M/Q7F Quick Disconnect Snap Connector pH/ORP sensors with 5-wire differential preamp; For all modern HACH & GLI Transmitters 5-Wire Differential Preamp with Tinned Ledas
(P33, P53, P63 & 692P & Others)
671 672 692 690 70 570
Foxboro Analytical EChem by Schneider Electric (a division of Invensys)
870IT / 876 / 875 870IT SPECIAL (No Preamp,
No Solution Ground)
873 Dual Channel (DPX)  
870IT (No Preamp) 872 873  
Johnson Yokogawa Controls (JYC) Endress & Hauser (E+H) Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) Mettler Toledo
202 & 402 Analyzers Most Models w/Standard Hookup T-21 2400 (pH)
    T-20 & T-27 2100e (pH)
    T-28 M300
ABB TBI-Bailey Georg Fischer Signet (+GF+) Miscellaneous Manufacturers  

TBI Model 82

710 IC Controls 655  
AX4 Series 8710 Lakewood 820  
  9030 Omega PHCN 28  
  2TX/3TX/4TX Preamp to Signet 8710 / 8750    
Generic Hook-UpSchematics for Sensors without Preamplfiers
No Preamp (BNC Connector) External Preamp (Standard) No Preamp to External (Non-Differential) 54epH Three Wire TC Hookup
No Preamp (Lead Wires) External Preamp (Differential) Battery Powered External Preamp Generic Three-Wire TC Hook-Up
(No BNC COnnector)