Ion Selective Sensor Options

  • All 6XX0 immersion series ion selective (ISE) sensors are supplied standard (default) in the four (4) each protective tines ("GR") configuration. The number of protective tines can be reduced to the 2 each ("GRO") configuration or the guard feature removed altogether ("NG").
    • The reduction to 2 protective tines type guard (or else no guard at all) is sometimes desirable for ease of cleaning, particularly in heavy slurry and high viscous media process media applications as well as cases where air bubbles may be entrenched on the sensing tip for low-flow inline installations.
  • All 8XX0 twist lock series ion selective (ISE) and 5XX0 sanitary/HOT-TAP stype ion selective (ISE) sensors are supplied without tines (no guard) as the standard configuration (default). Four (4) each protective tines ("GR") or 2 each protective tines ("GRO") are available as optional configuration.
    • The protective tines for these sensor configuration is machined into the sensor body itself thereby shortening the overall sensor length for these optional with protective tines style for the 8XX0 twist lock and 5XX0 sanitary/HOT-TAP series ISE probes.
  • Fast  temperature compensation response may be desired for some installations with variable temperature conditions (IotronTM ACCU-TEMPTM).
    • The ACCU-TEMPTM ("X") option is recommended for most Twist Lock and Sanitary/HOT-TAP inline installations for best temperature compensation as well as for immersion and submersible installations where the sensor will be frequently removed from service for cleaning and recalibration
  • All inline, immersion, twist lock and sanitary/HOT-TAP ISE sensors can have the waterproofing option added for submersible sensor installations.
  • All ISE sensor configurations may be mounted from rear using the available 3/4" or 1" MNPT threads for immersion installations using a suitable mating insertion tube, standpipe or guide rod.
    • For fully submersible installation a suitable waterproofing option is recommended for best sensor longevity.
    • Sensors employed for immersion or submersible style installations should have a with protective tines (with guard) configuration to minimize possibility of accidental breakage during handling and field use.
  • The immersion and twist lock series ISE sensors can also be installed with a variable insertion depth into a process line or tank using a compression fitting only scheme (see link below)
  • Sensors with integral preamplifiers can be supplied with the rugged field ready Q7M/Q7F NEMA 6P rated quick disconnect snap connector system. See pictures shown below for visualization of this option.

Q7M quick disconnect snap connector for sensors
Q7M sensor end of cable snap connector detail close-up view

Q7F quick disconnect snap to tinned leads extension cable
Q7F-Xm-TL Female Q7F snap to tinned leads extension cable

Q7M connected to Q7F NEMA 6P rated
Q7M/Q7F snap connectors are NEMA 6P rated when interfaced.


Installation Guide for Q7M/Q7F Quick Disconnect Snap Connector for pH/ORP sensors
with conventional integral preamplifiers; For all modern Rosemount & ASTI Transmitters


Custom Applications

Add-On Alpha Prefix

Dissolved Gas Resistant

“A” or “C”

Organic Media Applications*


Teflon Silicone Required*


Triple Junction*


Extreme Dehydration Resistant*


Custom Configurations

Add-On Alpha Prefix

ACCU-TEMPTM Option for Fast Temperature Response*


No guard configuration option
(for 6XX0 immersion ISE sensors)
Add 4 each Protective Tines
(for 8XX0 twist lock & 5XX0 sanitary/HOT-TAP ISE sensors)*
Add/Reduce to 2 each Protective Tines
(for all 6XX0/8XX0/5XX0 ISE sensor series)*
Shielded & Reinforced Preamplifier Blue Cable
(for all 6XX0/8XX0/5XX0 ISE sensor series)*
Upgrade from standard Viton® -75 to
CV75, Simriz® 485 or Kalrez® 4079*
“W”, “U” or “K”

* Additional Charges may apply for these options. Not all options available for all ISE sensor configurations and/or measurements. Inquire to factory for feasibility evaluation and quotation.

® Viton and Kalrez are registered trademarks of DuPont. Simriz is a registered trademark of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (SIMRIT).

AB 6100 fluoride ion selective submersible sensor with integral preamplifier
WPH waterproofing option & Q7M NEMA6P rated snap connector

for use with Q7F-Xm-TL female snap to tinned lead extension cables

Rear view of waterproofing "B" sealing option for AB 8XX0 series fully submersible ion selective sensor