IOTRON™ Custom built-to-order
Smart Digital pH & ORP Sensors
for Intellient 3TX-HiQ-pH Digital Transmitters:

ZEUS™ Off-the-Shelf
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Analog & Digital pH Sensor Series:

  • Simplify commissioning & maintenance with smart digital plug and play sensors & intelligent digital transmitters
  • Robust NEMA 6P rated snap connector makes exchange of sensors quick and easy for any field installation
  • Calibration values are automatically loaded when sensor is connected without any user action required
  • Complete transmitter configuration can downloaded or uploaded to smart digital sensor for cloning of transmitter setup, backup and/or reverting
  • Tracks initial installation & last date in use, total service time and has complete sensor information stored to facilitate best practice management of sensor inventory, usage and procurement

  • Rugged Thick 1"-1.25" MNPT pH sensors with RADEL sensor body housing for inline, immersion & submersible installations
  • For slurry/viscous abrasives, sulfides, high-temperature, dissolved chlorine & ammonia gas, and compatible with most organic solvents
  • Recommended for use in severe service use and tough process installations.
  • Continuous use up to 200 psig inline pressure & 150 degrees Celsius
  • Available in analog configurations without preamplifiers and with integral conventional or differential preamplifiers
  • Available in smart digital configuration for use with 3TX-HiQ-pH intelligent transmitters

Competitive Advantages of Design & Technology for
IOTRON™ & ZEUS™ Industrial pH & ORP Sensors


IOTRON™ Custom built-to-order pH Sensors & ORP Sensors
Available in both Analog & Smart Digital Configurations



immersiona.jpg (13140 bytes)

  • Rugged line of 3/4"-3/4" & 3/4"-1" MNPT pH & ORP sensors for inline, immersion and fully submersible installation types in a wide range of plastic body housing materials
  • Sensors are built to order and customized for specific application use
  • Options include slurry/viscous, sulfide, high-temperature, dissolved chlorine and ammonia gas, and organic solvent resistant for severe service use.
  • Support for up to 150 psig pressure and 150 degrees Celsius conditions
  • Twist lock configuration offers convenient insertion and removal from process with quick disconnect bayonet style installation
  • Twist lock pH & ORP sensors are available with all of the same features and options as immersion sensor series for support of the same severe service applications
  • Twist lock receptacle available in KYNAR (PVDF) as shown above & PEEK (not shown above) materials of construction for compatibility with most any possible installation. Sealing "O"-rings come standard in Viton-75 with CV75 Simriz 485or Kalrez 4079 as optional upgrades.



ionselecta.jpg (9930 bytes) valveretracta.jpg (9062 bytes)
  • Rugged modular HOT-TAP valve retractable design allows for safe use at high pressures and temperatures with an insertion depth up to 41 inches.
  • Available in 1.5 inch and 2.0 inch full port assembly versions. Robust blow-out protection standard and watertight insertion tube assembly.
  • 316SS standard with alternate materials of construction upon request. Viton or Kalrez "O"-rings for sealing.
  • Ideal for plants with installations that cannot be shut down for sensor insertion or removal and process systems where a slip-stream bypass is not possible.
  • Sanitary pH & ORP sensors with solid-state reference technology are ideal for aggressive food and beverage processes requiring chemical clean-in-place (CIP) support.
  • Solid state reference is resistant to dehydration, chemicals, gases and other process conditions.
  • Thick wall glass is resistant to cracking, even under high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Available with special "EXTREME" reference system to support prolonged exposure to dry conditions and for intermittent operation.
  • Accurate pH glass is well suited for measurements requiring a high degree of precision.

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